Terrazzo Floors

"Cover your floor with all-natural terrazzo. Let your creativity run free with a wide range of colours and finishes. Our patented HTC Terrazzo method will bring your idea to reality."


Terrazzo is an all natural mixture of ballast and cement. Though commonly used in hospitals and other industrial places, it has limitless applications in the residential and outdoor setting.

Polished Terrazzo

Using the patented HTC Terrazzo method, we polish terrazzo to a highly reflective shine. Using the latest machines and techniques, our polished terrazzo floor will retain its polish for years even with heavy usage.

How we Work

Our process involves a high level of preparation followed by strictly planned execution.

After we polish the terrazzo, we also apply protective sealants to avoid stains; all while ensuring no damage to walls or the structure.

What our Clients say

CFS installed a polished Terrazzo floor for at my offices in Naalya. I was very impressed with the floor that they did, but most importantly I was so happy with their professional manner and attitude towards their work. I am happy to recommend them anywhere.
Paul Kaganzi, Duke's Garage
We contracted Concrete Flooring Solutions to install a Terrazzo floor at the Rotary Hospital in Mukono. The floor was excellent! Shiny, perfectly executed and was also finished on time.
Diana Ninsiima, Rotary Uganda
CFS is doing a great job at our project in Pearl Marina. They are responsible for the wooden flooring, Terrazzo Flooring and polishing concrete. They have state of the art equipment from HTC and they are very professional in the way they handle their work.
Jean Pierre, Roko